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Roofer Aurora CO is an insured and full-service provider of roofing services and materials. For 20 years, we have focused on enhancing customer experience and ensuring they receive 100% dedication from us. This level of dedication is the reason why many homeowners consider us as their most trusted roofer in Colorado. Let us assist you in choosing the right roofing materials for your home.

Trust that our company’s team is capable of fixing both minor damages and performing a major overhaul. We also offer roofing installation for new construction and replacement of new panels in damaged areas. We have served more than 10,000 Colorado residents and have done more than 20,000 roofing projects altogether. Our affordable roofer Aurora services, combined with skill, are what make our clients choose us. Overall, our clients are very satisfied with our services.


Roofer Aurora CO
Roofer Aurora CO
Roofer Aurora CO
Roofer Aurora CO
Roofer Aurora CO
Roofer Aurora CO

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Need roof repair fast? Get help from professional roofing repair specialists with many years of experience.


Our team performs a thorough checking and evaluation of your roof’s current state to prevent unexpected damages.


Have our professionals replace your old and damaged roofing with high-grade and long-lasting roofing materials.


Give your roofing the maintenance it deserves by working with our skilled professionals.


Renew your roof’s appearance with premium-quality and long-lasting coating that also adds surface protection.


Keep your roof and gutters free of debris with regular cleaning services offered by our maintenance team.


Our specialists perform minor repairs and affordable roof resurfacing to prolong your roofing’s lifespan.


Re-roofing is a faster and less expensive way to renew your roofing. Consult with us and find out if your roof is qualified for this procedure.

Roofer AURORA Colorado

Need expert roofing services from Aurora? Our team consists of experts who work with various roofing materials, such as tile, slate, metal frameworks, etc. Trust that our professionals will always deliver top-quality work whether the work involves maintenance, repairs, replacement, re-roofing, or new installation. Consult with our team today to learn more about the services we offer. Rest assured that our specialist will help you choose the right materials according to your budget and preference.

Roofer Aurora Colorado services started out as a roof repair company that catered to a small community. After many years of excellent quality work and maintaining good relationships with our clients, we are proud to say we are one of the trusted roofer professionals in Aurora. Every project we handle receives dedication and care by experienced roofers. Apart from the skill, we also focus on project management to ensure that the process runs smoothly. So, when you need a roofing contractor that offers complete services, you can depend on us to get the job done.

Call Roofer Aurora as soon as you notice debris or bits of roofing material on your property. The key to ensuring your property is safe from possible extreme weather is to have your roofing checked beforehand. Regular maintenance and servicing is necessary to prevent potential risks and further damage that can cost you money you are not prepared to pay yet. Call the best Roofer Aurora Colorado for repairs and other services. To request a free quotation, please fill out our form.


Roofer Aurora CO


We use premium-grade roofing materials and our expert team performs expert installation services.

Roofer Aurora CO


All our services are affordable and we offer budget-friendly alternative roofing materials that are high-quality.

Roofer Aurora CO


Every roof installation and replacement we do is insured and under warranty to ensure that our clients and employees are protected.

Roofer Aurora CO


Work with a team that is composed of specialists and skilled labor that work together to provide great results.

Roofer Aurora CO


We maintain a good relationship with our customers and make sure we answer all their inquiries about the project.

Roofer Aurora CO


We offer full design customization and installation of roofing designs according to the client’s preference and needs.

What our CLIENTS' say

Roofer Aurora CO

Aiza G.

Roofer Aurora CO Great to deal with an outfit that does what they say they will do. Great price, top communication, which is always a pain with contractors usually, and finished when promised.

Roofer Aurora CO

Judy F.

Roofer Aurora CO Excellent job and right on time as agreed. Highly recommend these guys – no problem too large or small and easy to deal with.

Roofer Aurora CO
Roofer Aurora CO
Roofer Aurora CO

Noah S.

Roofer Aurora CO Roofer Aurora took great care in understanding my needs and finding the best solution for my uninsulated flat roof. The job was done in one day, at a fair price, and it looks great.

Roofer Aurora CO

Frequently Asked Questions

A big investment but it would be for long term use. Homeowners spend $2,200 on average for roof replacement. Here are some average cost depends on the roof size:

  1. For less than 1,000 sq.ft ( e.g. 800 sq ft) - average cost of roof replacement: $4,725
  2. For 2000 sq.ft - average cost of roof replacement : $7,400 - $10,500
  3. For 2,500 sq.ft - average cost of roof replacement : $9,000 - $13,000
  4. For 3,000 sq.ft - average cost of roof replacement : $11,200 - $16,000

For a typical 1,500 square-foot house, the price can range from $4,875 to $8,625. Here are some factors that can affect the total price:

  1. Size of the house
  2. Slope and pitch of the roof
  3. Materials of roof
  4. Old roofing removal (if necessary)
  5. Permits and fees
  6. Labor rates

Roof replacement could cost from $4,900 to $14,000 depending on several factors such as the size of the roof. Talk with professionals when it comes to the material and durability of the new roofing you will choose. Get your roofing inspected by experts regularly to ensure any repairs are made before they worsen.

For roofing that is a maximum of 3,000 square feet, the replacement process can take one day. In extreme cases where some structural issues need fixing beforehand, the process can take 3 to 5 days to complete, depending on the weather, complexity of the job, and other factors.

The average cost for roof repair is $87 and most homeowners could spend from $353 and $1,463. For a small roof repair, for example, it can cost between $150 and $400 and labor can range from around $45 to $75 per hour.


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